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Longstreet's Last Attacks


Longsreets's Last Attacks Late in the afternoon, Anderson's Division of A. P. Hill's Corp joined Longstreet's rolling assault and charged across the fields toward Cemetery Ridge. Cadmus Wilcox's Alabamians threatened to pour into a gap left in the 2nd Corps line on the ridge caused by the departure of Caldwell's division for the wheatfield. Hancock, seeing a desperate situation in the making, ordered a single regiment, the 1st Minnesota, to countercharge the entire Confederate brigade to buy him the ten minutes he needed to bring up reenforcements and plug the gap. The countercharge was successful, but only 47 of the 262 Minnesotans returned unscathed. Next Ambrose Wright's Georgians found a small gap further north near the famous copse of trees and swept to the crest of the ridge, briefly capturing the guns there. However, unsupported by the brigades to their left and right, they were quickly pushed back at great cost. Longstreet's attack had come to an unsuccessful end.



(7-01) Enlarge Sacrifice of the 1st Minnesota
Panorama: Looking west from the Cemetery Ridge position of the 1st Minnesota

(7-01) Monument to the 1st Minnesota Vol. Inf. who made a heroic charge against an entire Confederate brigade to buy time for Gen. Hancock to plug a hole in the Federal line on Cemetery Ridge
Detail 1     Detail 2



(7-01) Detail 90th PA Infantry, Philadelphia

(7-01) These two tablets are back on Seminary Ridge near the Virginia Memorial. Posey's brigade was supposed to go in on Wright's left, but they didn't advance (nor did Mahone.) As a consequence Wright's flank was completely unprotected so that the 106th PA was able to flank him
Detail of Tablet 1 (Wright's CSA Brigade, tablet above)
Tablet 2 (Posey's CSA Brigade)

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