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McPherson Ridge: Buford and Reynolds Make a Stand


Buford and Reynolds Make a Stand Meanwhile, John Buford's division of Union cavalry, having entered Gettysburg from the south the day before, had deployed on the rolling ridge line west of the Lutheran Seminary, northwest of Gettysburg. On the morning of July 1, after a two hour delaying action with Heth's rebels, Buford's troops were joined by John Reynolds' 1st Corps, which took positions along McPherson's Ridge, both north and south of the Chambersburg Pike. Heth pushed forward his lead brigades, those of James Archer and Joseph Davis, south and north of the pike respectively. In the ensuing action, Reynolds was killed and Archer was captured while fighting with the Iron Brigade near Willoughby Run. Davis entered a cut for an unfinished railroad north of the pike and was flanked by the Federals, who captured a large portion of his brigade.



(7-01) The original dormitory and classroom building for the Lutheran Seminary on Seminary Ridge. The building was used for observation and as a hospital during the battle. It is now the home of the Adams County Historical Society

(7-01) Gen. John Buford arrived here 11 am on June 30, 1863 and his troopers took up a position in the fields to the west of the Seminary. He used the cupola to view the field
Panorama: From 3rd floor of Lutheran Seminary, facing east 


(7-01) View from the Seminary building looking west. Reynolds death site is in the tree line (smaller monument to right of large, square one.)
Panorama: McPherson's Woods and Ridge looking west from Reynolds Ave

(7-01) Site of the death of Gen. John Reynolds

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