Gettysburg Photo Album
Oak Hill: Rodes Flanks the 1st Corps


Rodes Flanks the 1st Corps

Converging on Gettysburg from the north and having received a message from Hill about the battle in progress, Richard Ewell sent two of his divisions ahead. Robert Rodes arrived in the late morning on Oak Hill, finding himself astride the 1st Corps' right flank. He immediately deployed his brigades and began an assault with very little prior reconnaissance.  One of his brigades, that of  Alfred Iverson, was surprised by Henry Baxter's Federals who were hiding behind a stone wall on their flank. Iverson's brigade was decimated.



(7-01) Monument to the 17th Penn. Cavalry (part of Buford's division) on Oak Ridge

(7-01) The Peace Memorial on Oak Hill. (facing north)


(7-01) The Peace Memorial

(7-01) The peace monument on Oak Hill

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