Gettysburg: George Petropol Photos

Photos courtesy of George Petropol, VA
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(4-2011) Enlarge  Detail Jennie Wade monument
Inscription on monument

Jennie Wade
Aged 22 yrs 2 mo
Killed July 3, 1863 while making bread for the union soldiers


(4-2011) Enlarge Statue to Gen. James "Old Pete" Longstreet on Seminary Ridge in Pitzer's Woods


(4-2011) Enlarge


(4-2011) Enlarge North Carolina monument in McMillan Woods


(4-2011) Enlarge North Carolina monument


(4-2011) Enlarge Sherfy House. Field hospital and aid station near The Peach Orchard. Walls still show battle damage


(4-2011) Enlarge Sherfy House
Detail: Monument to the 114th PA Vol Inf

  (4-2011) Enlarge Pennsylvania Memorial

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