Gettysburg Photo Album
Round Tops: The Fight for Little Round Top Page6

(7-01) Left flank marker for the 20th Maine with monument in the distance. (looking south) Glenn LaFantasie believes the left flank was a couple hundred feet further north, although the "line" along here would not have been continuous

(7-01) Similar view of right flank marker - 20th Maine monument in the distance marks the center of the line and the position of the colors of the regiment. Flank markers are about 100 feet apart (the line forms a narrow "V")



(7-01) Position of Company "B" of the 20th Maine in the woods a hundred yards to the east of the regiment's position. These men were joined by sharpshooters and harried Oates' right flank during his assaults
Co. B Position marker

(7-01) A  portion  of the wall occupied by Company "B". At first the men were on the left side of the wall (facing east.) When Oates moved between them and the rest of the regiment, they fired at them from the right side

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