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Devil's Den-Elizabeth Thorn Monument-Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse

Courtesy of Jack Snyder, Indianapolis, IN
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(November 2008) Enlarge Devil's Den from Little Round Top after NPS restoration
(November 2008) Devil's Den: Famous Snipers Nest, view looking toward Little Round Top

(November 2008) The monument is of Elizabeth Thorn. She and her husband Peter were employed as caretakers/grave diggers at Evergreen Cemetery. At the time of the battle, Peter was serving in the Union Army and was located at Harper's Ferry. They lived in the cemetery gatehouse.
Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant, but was required to bury 105 Union dead. She had some help from her 63 year old father and a couple of friends who were only able to stand the smell for a day or two before becoming too ill to continue. Elizabeth had a baby girl 3 months later. The baby was sickly and only lived to 14 years old.

(November 2008) Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse

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