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hank you for your interest in contributing to CivilWarAlbum.com. We appreciate your willingness to share material with visitors to our site and are grateful to all our contributors! You all have made the site what it is today. Current-day photographs of Civil War battlefields, sites and locations are welcome. Photo submissions with accompanying narrative and captions are preferred. Historic photographs are welcome also.

I have DSL connection so emailing the photos would be no problem. If you prefer to mail the images contact me for mailing instructions. Let me know what you have. Credit will be given and any request for photo use will be forwarded to you, the decision will be yours to make.  I receive many requests for use of contributor photos.

Paint Shop Pro is used to process the images for display on the Website. Been using the program since I started civilwaralbum.com ten years ago. The majority of the pages contain jpeg images that have been resized to 350 pixels wide and compressed 30%. Many of the images displayed have hyperlinks to enlargements. I usually enlarge images that show detail hard to see at 350 pixels wide (interpretive markers, signs, monument inscriptions, etc.). If you contribute an image containing detail and it is a digital photograph, please send the larger file size. If they are scanned images do the same. If you have any questions contact me .

Thanks again for your interest in CivilWarAlbum.com!


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