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1. Boggy Depot, Oklahoma - Wikipedia
2. Old Boggy Depot - Chronicles of Oklahoma
3. Battle Summary: Middle Boggy Depot, OK
4. Boggy Depot, Chickasaw Ghost Town
5. Boggy Depot Cemetery

6. Boggy Depot Cemetery: List of burials
7. Find a Grave: Boggy Depot Cemetery
8. Tribes Save Boggy Depot Park After State Spending Cuts

(4-01) Enlarge SH-7, west of Atoka. Boggy Depot. Site of town noted for distinguished citizens in state history. 1st house built 1837 by Cyrus Harris, later Chickasaw governor. Later Choctaw Capital and Overland Mail Stage Stand to San Francisco (1858-61). Home of Principal Chief Allen Wright, Choctaw, who named Oklahoma in 1866. Rev. Cyrus Kingsbury, noted missionary buried here. Oklahoma Historical Society marker 178-1995
During the Civil War, Boggy Depot was the major supply depot for Confederate troops operating in Indian Territory

Boggy Depot Cemetery    2
oggy Depot Stage Stand
First Church Site (1840)
Confederate Military Quarters/Post    2
Gov. Allen Wright's Residence    2
John Kingsbury Home    2
Kiosk (Butterfield Trail)    Center Kiosk
Masonic Lodge

Muriel Hazel Wright Monument
OHS Boggy Depot Marker
Old Main Street
Panorama-1    2    3
School House    2

(October 14, 2012) Enlarge Panorama from site of the John Kingsbury home to the School House site, looking east. Old Main Street (Butterfield Trail from 1858-60) runs east and west through the park. Butterfield Trail kiosk in background at east edge of the park
Boggy Depot received its name from Boggy River (Clear Boggy), about a mile east of the park
The first building at Boggy Depot was a log cabin erected by some Chickasaws, in 1837, who were of the party that came west from Mississippi with Cyrus Harris, afterward a leading chief of the Chickasaw Nation


(October 14, 2012) Enlarge Panorama from site of Chief Allen Wright's residence to Confederate Military Quarters/Post, looking east


(October 14, 2012) Enlarge   Map  Oklahoma Historical Society marker for Boggy Depot Stage Stand and the Butterfield Trail kiosk. East edge of the park
OHS Boggy Depot marker at right center of picture. Marker was set in a trace of the original trail during the late 1950's

Boggy Depot received a post office in 1848, and in 1858 became a stop on the Butterfield Overland Stage line

Boggy Depot Park, 8 mi. west of Tushka on Boggy Depot Road, Atoka County

(October 14, 2012) Enlarge OHS Boggy Depot marker


(October 14, 2012) Enlarge  Detail-1  Detail-2 Butterfield Overland Route kiosk side-1


(October 14, 2012) Enlarge  Detail-1  Detail-2  Butterfield kiosk side-2

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