Good Springs
Tishomingo, OK (Chickasaw Nation)

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6. A Glimpse at South Central Oklahoma

(Sept. 29, 2010) Enlarge The Chickasaws established their capital at Good Spring on lower Pennington Creek when they were separated from the Choctaws in 1856. The place was given a new name, Tishomingo City, in honor of a famous tribal chief. Several stores, a cotton gin, a water mill, and a newspaper, the Chickasaw and Choctaw Herald, were established in the place. The capitol, erected in 1853, was replaced in 1896 by a building which has been in use since that time. The Chickasaw Manual Labor School for boys was opened near Good Sprint (Tishomingo) in 1851

(Sept. 29, 2010) Enlarge View looking south across Pennington Creek


(Sept. 29, 2010) Enlarge View looking north across Pennington Creek. Good Springs marker just beyond the trees in top center of picture


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