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(8-01) US-62, approximately 7 miles east of Fort Gibson, view looking east. The bayou bridge is in left background
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  Bayou Menard Skirmish, near the bridge across Bayou Menard, on the south side of U.S. Highway 62. In the first Federal effort to retake Indian Territory, Major William A. Phillips penetrated to a point about seven miles east of Fort Gibson. Here on the banks of Bayou Menard (erroneously reported by Phillips as Bayou Bernard) he met and routed a force of Colonel Stand Watie's Confederates in a brief skirmish on July 27, 1862, taking twenty-five prisoners and killing and wounding about 100 men. Among the Confederate dead were a lieutenant colonel and three captains. Phillips was pleased with the conduct of his Indian forces in this skirmish. His only difficulty was in restraining their impetuous charge and in keeping back a reserve and guards for the wagons

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