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(3-02) CMR. OHS: A 3rd Model Colt Dragoon revolver (c. 1851) with a 3rd pattern shoulder stock. An example of the types of weapons used in the Indian Territory by Confederate cavalry

(3-02) CMR. OHS: This Bowie knife belonged to "The Kentucky Raider" General John Hunt Morgan. At the time of Morgan's capture, he gave it to a fellow Kentuckian who was serving in the Union Army at the time


(3-02) UMR. OHS: The calling horn, canteen, and powder horn belonged to Confederate soldier David C. Smith. The nineteen-year-old Smith enlisted in a company originally from Colombia County, Arkansas and was then sent to Vicksburg, Mississippi where he served in artillery

(3-02) UMR. OHS: Brigadier General Stand Watie used these trunks to transport official papers and personal belongings during his service in the Confederate Army

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