Fort Towson Historic Site

Fort Towson Historic Site
HC 63, Box 1580, Fort Towson, OK 74735-9273
Phone: (580) 873-2634
Fort Towson Historic Site
Fort Drawing

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Park Day Clean-up
Fort Towson, OK
April 6, 2002
  Doaksville   Fort Towson Panoramas
1857 Cannon
Commissary  2
Cooper's Shop
Eisenhower Tree
Enlisted Barracks  2  3
Flag Pole
Hospital  2
Laundresses' Quarters
Lime Kiln  2
Officers' Quarters
Officers' Row
Old Military Road
Ordnance Storeroom
Post Cemetery
Quartermaster Storehouse
Recreation Hall
Sutler Store
Visitor Center  2

(1-01) Enlarge Entrance to Fort Towson Historic Site. The following photos of Fort Towson were taken January 20, 2001, and April 6-7, 2002

(1-01) Enlarge Visitor Center
Dorothy Jane Orton Monument
Panorama of Fort Towson ruins from Visitor Center


(2-10) Enlarge Visitor Center. Eisenhower tree placed May 8, 2002

  (2-10) Eisenhower Tree marker

(1-01) Enlarge Visitor Center display. Abandoned in 1854, Fort Towson played only a minor role in the Civil War. For a time, the old post served as the headquarters for Confederate General Sam Bell Maxey and at the end of the conflict was the scene of General Stand Watie's surrender. After the war, the post was used as a place of parole for defeated Confederate troops

(1-01) Enlarge Cartridge box

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