Fort Jackson and the Water Battery. Not very good due to the glare from the window (trying to fly and take a photo at the same time). A little history first. Ft. Jackson sustained minimum damage during the battle (Porters mortar boats could not see the fort). At the center of the fort was the citadel/bombproof which was leveled during the battle. In this photo the northeast bastion is at the lower right of the photo (just below the sally port where the museum is located). The casement to the left of the bastion received a crack approx. 4" wide and 6' long during the battle. The fort fell because of a mutiny. The fort was an active military post through WWII. Was used as a training area/coastal artillery emplacement and housed German POWS. The trees in the upper left corner of the photo mark the lower water battery (down river side of the fort). The bunkers located there now are post Civil War era emplacements for 15" Rodman smooth bore coastal guns (only a handful of these guns existed in 1862 and all were emplaced).

 Aerial photo/narrative courtesy of Kenny Meyers, Slidell, Louisiana

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