Fort St. Phillip. Remember the white topped pole in the previous photo (oil field survey stake). It's now in the lower right of this photo. Follow the wall to the left (ditch in front is a man made moat) The thicket above the wall is the southeast bastion (point of the star). A second 1898 gun emplacement is in the center of the photo. To the right of the emplacement is an 1862 era powder magazine, and just above it on the southwest bastion are the remains of an 1862 gun emplacement. None of the 1862 era gun emplacements had overhead cover, all were barbet mounted on the walls. They had bombproofs mounted to the left of each gun which served as magazines and cover for the gun crews. The 1898 gun emplacement was at the center of the fort facing due south between the bastions. The walls of the original fort were incorporated into the 1898 emplacements. There are two grave yards on this post, one Union and one Confederate. They are located outside between the north wall and the moat.

 Aerial photo/narrative courtesy of Kenny Meyers, Slidell, Louisiana

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