Fort St. Phillip. 1898 emplacement seen in the previous photo. Rear view looking from the center of the fort. Just to the right is one of the 1862 gun emplacements and bombproof. Just below the emplacement (the hole in the thicket) you can see a section of the original brick wall of the forts southwest bastion. As I said, the fort was basically star shaped and was originally built by the Spanish in the early 1700s. The fort was enlarged after the war of 1812. It is not at all like Ft. Jackson, and is about 100 years older. It is nothing more than double brick walls filled with dirt. Most of the Civil War era buildings were destroyed during the battle of April 12, 1862. The fort took the brunt of Porters bombardment. There are still tons (no Joke) of unexploded ordinance lying all over the grounds. But like I said, the real danger there is the wildlife and reptiles. Went there once in dead of winter (by boat). Its a nightmare. Sink holes, quicksand and even snakes in Feb. at 40 degrees, not to mention the boat ride across the river.

 Aerial photo/narrative courtesy of Kenny Meyers, Slidell, Louisiana

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