Blair's Landing, LA

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(April 12, 2008) Enlarge Reenactors at Blair's Landing
This is the group of reenactors and participants at the dedication of the Louisiana highway marker for Confederate General Tom Green.
The flags are (left to right) Confederate 1st National which is sometimes called the "Stars and Bars", Louisiana 1860's era state flag, Confederate Navy Jack/Army of Tennessee flag, and Confederate 3rd National flag.
Due to the angle of the morning sun, this photo was taken more from the water side looking to the land. There was a cavalry horse without rider to symbolize the loss of the gallant Tom Green, artillery, infantry and a flag corps, as well as women from the OCR dressed as civilian mourners.
We were told by some of the speakers that a Louisiana Highway Marker had been here, but had disappeared about 50 years ago when a highway crew came to do some work. We were also told the spot was within a few yards of where Tom Green was decapitated


(April 12, 2008) Enlarge Blair's Landing near Lock and Dam #4
The Red River has changed course but the area is still along the water. Blair's Landing is not easy to find, but if you travel on LA Route #1 about 250 yards north of the intersection of LA Hwy 174, you will come to a sign for Lake End, Louisiana and Lock and Dam #4. Drive on a narrow road that seems like it is going to nowhere until you see the marker. If you get to a large modern dam and park, you've passed the site.
Richard Taylor gave orders to Brig. General Tom Green to stop the Union fleet at Blair's Landing. Green's men had been riding and in heavy fighting against Union General N. P. Banks troops for days, but rode to what they thought would be a chance to catch the Union Navy and destroy it. The ships the Confederates saw, however, were the rear of the fleet which had sailed away. Tom Green did not know this had happened so he pressed his men into the fight with vigor.
Among the Texas Troops were:
Buchel's 1st Texas Cavalry
Debray's 26th Texas Cavalry
Likens' 35th Texas Cavalry
Wood's' 36th Texas Cavalry
Bagby's 7th Texas Cavalry
Major's Texas Cavalry
Hardeman's 4th Texas Cavalry
Terrell's 37th Texas Cavalry
Union Navy:
USS Osage
USS Lexington
USS Black Hawk
RED RIVER CAMPAIGN; POLITICAS AND COTTON IN THE CIVIL WAR by Ludwell H. Johnson, Kent State Univ. Press,1993. page 119


(April 12, 2008) Enlarge The 144th Anniversary of the death of Confederate Brigadier General Tom Green. The highway marker was erected very near the site where Tom Green was decapitated by a Union cannon shot from the USS Osage aimed with a periscope.

The death of Tom Green is mentioned in the OR's and ORN's. Captain Thomas O. Selfridge, who was the captain of the monitor actually described aiming at a Confederate officer on horseback who was vigorously leading his men. BTW, his shot was off target, but somehow a piece of the shot hit Tom Green while the rest flew high and away.

The view is from across the road looking toward the water. On the day of the dedication it was surprisingly windy and there was a slight chill in the air, but it was very sunny


(April 12, 2008) Enlarge


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