Battle of Bayou Fordoche (Stirling's Plantation)

Photos/Text courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(July 22, 2012) Enlarge The Battlefield of Bayou Fordoche (AKA Stirling's Plantation)
This building is not Stirling's Plantation and is on private property
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(July 22, 2012) Enlarge Battlefield of Bayou Fordoche
The marker and battlefield can be seen. To the left is the Atchafalaya Spillway. To the right is the battlefield which is on private property. In short, the entire battlefield is inaccessible


(July 22, 2012) Enlarge Battle of Bayou Fordoche Marker
Along HWY 10 in Pointe Coupee Parish we noticed the marker
"On Sept. 29, 1863, Confederate forces of Texas and Louisiana commanded by Brig. Gen. Tom Green defeated Union forces of the 13th Army Corps capturing 500 men and 2 cannons. The battle is also known as the Battle of Sterling’s Plantation. This marker is dedicated to the men that died on this battlefield
Erected by the Louisiana Society Order of Confederate Rose"


(July 22, 2012) Enlarge Sugar Cane at the Battle of Stirling's Plantation
On July 22, 2012. We saw plenty of sugarcane in this area. The photograph was taken looking to the Confederate approach and in the opposite direction (looking West) from the Louisiana historical marker

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