Fort Jackson National Historical Monument

Fort Jackson is on Louisiana SH-23 approximately 70 miles south of New Orleans. The park is open year-round during daylight. The museum and gift shop are open from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. daily.

Fort Jackson
Route 1, Box 640
Port Sulphur, LA 70083
Tele: 504-392-6692
Fort Jackson/Fort St. Phillip Aerial Photos
Battle at Forts Jackson and St. Phillip
2004 Photos Courtesy of John Guss, Hillsborough, NC

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3. Fort Jackson Louisiana
4. DEPARTMENT OF THE GULF.; The Mutiny in Fort Jackson. Article Preview - The New York Times

1. Webmaster (1994)
2. Kenny Myers (1980's)
3. John Guss (2004)

(3-94)  Inner moat bridge and draw bridge to main entrance. This is one of three bridges on the Fort site that was destroyed April, 1862 during encounter with Federal gunboats and was later reconstructed by Federal forces
Access road to the fort

(3-94) Main entrance bridge and draw bridge


(3-94) Inner moat, part of original construction, 1822

(3-94) Main entrance draw bridge wheels. The museum is inside the former powder magazine at left of passage

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