Lafayette, LA

Photos/text courtesy of Joel Manuel, Baton Rouge, LA
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1. Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist
2. Alfred Mouton - Wikipedia
3. 18th Louisiana: the Veterans: Alfred Mouton

4. Major General Franklin Gardner
5. Franklin Gardner - Wikipedia

(February 2008)  Enlarge Statue of Lafayette's General Alfred Mouton, killed at the Battle of Mansfield, corner of Jefferson and Lee Streets, downtown Lafayette


(February 2008)  Enlarge Mouton statue


(February 2008)  Enlarge Detail-1 Detail-2 Grave of Gen. Alfred Mouton, St. John Cemetery


(February 2008)  Enlarge Grave of Gen. Mouton in relation to The Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist


(February 2008)  Enlarge Detail St. John Cemetery, oldest in Lafayette.
Grave of General Franklin Gardner, commander of Port Hudson garrison. Gen. Gardner's grave is located directly behind the back door of the church


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