Battle of Mansura, LA

Photos/Text courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(July 18, 2010) Battle of Mansura, Louisiana Historical Marker

This marker is in English on one side but French on the opposite side.

I took this photo on July 18, 2010 during a time when it was not raining.

William Bozic

(July 18, 2010) Battle of Mansura, Louisiana Historical Marker

Other side of marker in French


(July 18, 2010) Enlarge Location of Historical Marker for Battle of Mansura

The Battle of Mansura was fought as Union General Banks attempted to retreat but was met head-on by the CS Army of West Louisiana under the command of Richard Taylor. The artillery of both armies lined-up and fired at each other across the open field. Taylor's troops eventually retired to fight again at another spot on another day, while Banks proceeded with the retreat.

This Louisiana marker is located at (LA 107 & LA 114) and is easy to miss. When the photo was taken on July 18, 2010 there were no other markers in Mansura to recognize the battle or soldiers, although there is a large monument with flags dedicated to the current branches of the military situated next to the police station.

The city of Mansura has grown since the 1864 battle but the large cotton fields which made this area so desired are still in cultivation. Union General Nathaniel P. Banks followed a scorched-earth policy during his retreat so surviving period buildings are few.


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