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(July 18, 2010) Enlarge Voinche Store, Marksville, LA
300 bales of cotton were taken from the basement of this building by the US Navy to the nearby docks. Auguste Voinche, like many people in this region, spoke only French, so he went to the docks to reclaim his property by finding a sailor who could speak French to explain his situation. Voinche tried to argue with the Union sailors that the theft of his cotton was illegal because he was a French citizen, not at Confederate, so the cotton found in his basement could not be considered a "prize" of war. Of course the sailors knew the cotton would bring a good price which the crew would share so Voinche lost his cotton.

In a letter dated March 24, 1864 off Alexandria, Louisiana, Admiral David Dixon Porter claimed his US Navy crews had captured 2,129 bales of cotton, 28 barrels of molasses, and 18 bales of wood that belonged to the Confederate government so it should be sold as fast as possible and the money divided among himself and the crews of his ships. Admiral Porter even ordered stencils made with "CSA" & "USN" to have painted on the cotton bales as a proof the cotton was officially CSA Govt. cotton and liberated by the US Navy. After the war, Adm. Porter was investigated for these actions.  

(July 18, 2010) Interpretive marker


(July 18, 2010) Enlarge Hypolite-Bordelon House, Marksville

This home is now located in Marksville, Louisiana along LA HWY #1, but the original location of the home was near Fort DeRussy.

The home survived the scorched-earth policy of Union troops during their retreat in the 1864 Red River Campaign and represents the style of homes which were once common in this region.

  (July 18, 2010) Interpretive marker

(July 18, 2010) Enlarge William Edwards Plantation Home Site

This is on Hwy #1 in Marksville, Louisiana. The sign is located in the back corner of the former gas station. A skirmish was fought here during Banks' Red River Campaign as Federal forces retreated and CSA troops attempted to obstruct. This was one of many fights in the Red River Campaign that cost men their lives but did not get much attention.

  (July 18, 2010) Enlarge William Edwards Plantation Home

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