Waco, Texas
CSA Memorial

Photos/Text courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(2011) Enlarge CSA Memorial Waco, Texas
The CSA Army of Tennessee Battle flag/Naval Jack flag flying on the flagpole and monument are located on the west-side frontage road along I-35 between exits 338 and 339 in Waco, McLennan County, Texas. The Motel 6 sign in the background is also visible as a point of reference

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(2011) Enlarge Reverse View of CSA Monument in Waco, Texas

The proximity of the small memorial park to I-35 can be seen. To the left of this photo, but out of view, is a place to park a car. The frontage road is not a safe place to park!

Since this photo was taken in the early evening on June 11, 2011 the setting sun provided good light for this photo


(2011) Enlarge Obverse of Waco CSA Monument
The monument has obviously been vandalized and a repair made


(2011) Enlarge Reverse of Waco, McLennan County, Texas CSA Monument

This monument was placed by the efforts of the General Felix H Robertson Camp #129 Sons of Confederate Veterans in Waco, Texas. Quite an accomplishment.

The text of the reverse:

"The following regiments had at least one company form in Waco from men of McLennan Co.

Approximately 2000 men

4th Texas Infantry
7th Texas Infantry
15th Texas Infantry
5th Texas Cavalry
8th Texas Cavalry
13th Texas Cavalry

Readers should note the strict sense of the wording. These are regiments in which at least one company was formed in Waco. The list of all the regiments with men from Waco who served would be too extensive for the monument, let alone all the men from the county.

William H. Parsons who formed and was first colonel of the 12th Texas Cavalry Regt was a newspaper editor in Waco when the war started.

The 8th Texas Cavalry Regiment was also known as "Terry's Texas Rangers"

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