Baltimore, Maryland
USS Constitution

Courtesy of Ed Conner, TN
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USS Constitution at Boston:

(7-85) Berthed in Baltimore's Inner Harbor is the last surviving ship of the Union Civil War Navy, the USS Constellation. For years it was thought to be the sister ship to "Old Ironsides", the USS Constitution; however, a study conducted in 1996 revealed the original Constellation was broken up and scrapped in 1853. The ship in the photo is the second USS Constellation, launched in 1854, the last all-sail man-of-war designed by the Navy
Because of her deep draft and lack of steam power, she did not participate in the Union Blockade in the earlier part of the War, being sent to the Mediterranean Sea to defend against Confederate commerce raiders. Here she assisted in blockading the CSS Sumter at Gibraltar. In July, 1864, the Constellation joined Admiral Farragut's blockading squadron and remained with the squadron until the end of the war
In the photo, the Constellation is painted to resemble the original USS Constellation, flying a War of 1812 era flag

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