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August 2007 photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, PA

California Building – Located behind the Courthouse Col. Mosby had his law office here after the war, the facility continues in use as an office building today

Warrenton Enlarge
Mural of Mosby’s Rangers in a Warrenton parking lot


Brown's Crossing - Greenback Raid Enlarge
This junction at modern day Rt. 9 and Rt. 8 was known as Brown’s crossing during the war.


Greenback Raid
The Greenback Raid took place about 200 yards up this track from Brown’s crossing. About 2 or 3am on October 14, 1864 Mosby’s men overturned a train on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad near Brown's Crossing near Harper's Ferry and one of the Partisan Rangers captures Union Majors Moore and Ruggles, paymasters with funds, two captains and one lieutenant. Mosby empties the train of its passengers and burns it. $173,000 in US greenbacks is captured from the paymaster. Back home in Loudoun County, they will be divided to nearly $2100 a person and this raid will be known as the Greenback Raid. Destroyed are a locomotive and 10 cars, secured 20 prisoners and 15 horses. In retaliation for this action, federals troops arrest a large number of civilians along the line, all males suspected of belonging to Mosby's command and send them to the Old Capitol Prison

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