Battle of Harrisonburg, VA
Death of Gen. Turner Ashby

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1. Turner Ashby (1828 - 1862) - Find A Grave Memorial
2. GENERAL TURNER ASHBY: Turner Ashby High School
3. Turner Ashby - Wikipedia
4. Shenandoah Valley Battlefields: Civil War Reenactments

(October 2007) Battle site on wooded Chestnut Ridge on east side of Harrisonburg, VA  Marker 1   Marker 2

(October 2007) Enlarge Monument marks the spot where Gen. Ashby was killed, June 6, 1862. Monument dedicated on June 6, 1898, the 36th Anniversary of his death



(October 2007) Enlarge  Interpretive Marker  Gen. Turner Ashby's body was taken to the Frank Kemper House in Port Republic and prepared for burial. Visitors viewed his body by looking through a window whereas Gen. Stonewall Jackson entered the room and viewed in person having been headquartered nearby at Madison Hall. He was subsequently buried in Winchester's Stonewall Confederate Cemetery

(October 2007) Monument to The Brothers Ashby in Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, VA. Brother, Capt. Richard Ashby, born October 2, 1831, was killed July 3, 1861 by a Union patrol along the Potomoc River at Harpers Ferry, WV. He was buried in the University of Virginia Cemetery in Charlottesville and reinterred in Winchester in 1866


(October 2007) Enlarge Present Harrisonburg Court House
Marker describing wartime activity at the Harrisonburg Court House Square and noting Belle Boyd's visit, June 5, 1863

    (October 2007) Enlarge The sign at the springhouse that once slacked soldiers' thirsts now reads: "Don't Drink the Water"

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