The Summers-Koontz Monument
US-11 (Old Valley Pike), north of New Market, VA

Photos/text this page courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
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1. The Original Summers-Koontz Memorial of 1893
2. A Matter of Injustice: The Summers-Koontz Incident
3. Post-Appomattox Tragedy Marker

(May 2007) Post-Appomattox Tragedy interpretive marker on US-11, north of New Market, VA     Enlarge
Interpretive Marker in the background is related to the 1864 Battle of New Market

(May 2007) Virginia Civil War Trails sign near the Summers-Koontz monument



(May 2007) Summers-Koontz Monument     Enlarge

(May 2007) Summers-Koontz Monument     Enlarge

Monument Inscription
Captain George W. Summers and Sergeant Newton Koontz, Company D, 7th Virginia Cavalry, were here executed on June 27, 1865, by order of Lt. Col. Huzzy [sic] 192 O.V.M.I., without the privilege of any kind of trial, they having been arrested at their homes in Page County, brought here and shot

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