Alabama-Arkansas Redoubt

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(3-94) Interior view of right front wall. Site Marker: Scene of heavy fighting during the May 27 assault, the Alabama-Arkansas Redoubt originally consisted of a line of piled fence rails covered with dirt excavated from a shallow trench located along the edge of the ridge. The line was held by men of the 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment. On May 30, 200 men from Miles' Louisiana Legion relieved the Alabamians and began construction of the large earthwork. The cannon platforms seen today were probably added during the Union occupation of Port Hudson for there is no evidence that Confederate troops placed cannon at this position. Other units occupying the Alabama-Arkansas Redoubt during the siege were the 18th and 23rd Arkansas regiments, the Claiborne (Mississippi) Light Infantry company, and English's Mississippi Battery (no cannons; the men served as infantry).

(3-94) Interior view of left front wall

(3-94) Exterior view of a cannon platform (3-94) Exterior ditch next to the cannon platform

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