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(3-94) Fort Desperate Artillery Site Marker: Taken shortly after the siege ended, this photograph shows a disabled 12-pounder howitzer lying on it wooden gun platform. On May 27, one of the Union batteries located opposite Fort Desperate fired a shell which not only destroyed the gun and its carriage but also killed Lieutenant Jesse B. Edrington, the gun's commander. The gun platform was located to your front in Fort Desperate's right front corner, and its location is marked today by a raised area of earth. Soldiers of Battery B, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery manned it. Two of these men were injured by the same shell that killed Lieutenant Edrington. Afraid of losing another 12-pounder howitzer, the only other artillery piece at Fort Desperate, Colonel Johnson moved it to a safer position at the rear of the works. Right Photo: The arrow is pointing toward the raised area of earth described above


(3-94) Confederate Bomb Shelters Site Marker: The row of boards pictured in the front inside view of Fort Desperate covered hand-dug bombproof shelters that the Confederates called "rat holes." These "rat holes" were used by the men of the 15th Arkansas for protection from the daily Union artillery shelling and infantry sniper fire. Right Photo: North view of area in the wartime photo

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