Mississippi Redoubt


(3-94) Northwest view of the redoubt's center. Site Marker: Scene of one of the deadliest Union assaults of the Port Hudson siege. Mississippi Redoubt is located on the extreme left of the Confederate line. These works commanded the high ground overlooking the Telegraph Road from Port Hudson to Bayou Sara. Under the command of Colonel Winchester B. Shelby, Mississippi Redoubt was manned by the 39th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, a detachment of the 9th Louisiana (Wingfield's) Partisan Rangers, and cannons from Battery B, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery. Mississippi Redoubt was the focal point of only one large assault during the siege. On the morning of May 27, Shelby's forward rifle pits came under attack from the 1st and 3rd Louisiana (U.S.) Native Guards regiments. Through it only reached a point 200 yards in front of Shelby's rifle pits, the assault was significant as the first time in U.S. military history that black soldiers participated in a large-scale attack

(3-94) Ravine in front of the redoubt

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