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(5-00) Enlarge Gibbons House. Port Hickey Road approximately 1 mile west of the Port Hudson National Cemetery. Prior to the siege it was used to house Confederate engineers during the construction of the defenses. Batteries 9 & 10 were located nearby

(5-00) Enlarge Devil's Elbow. Port Hickey Road approximately .25 miles south of the Port Hicky Plantation home. Confederate troops were positioned here during the siege. An earthwork can be seen at right center of photo


(March 25, 2012) Enlarge Confederate monument at the "McCallum house," near the old town of Port Hudson
Courtesy of Joel Manuel, Baton Rouge, LA


(March 25, 2012) Enlarge


(March 25, 2012) Enlarge


(March 25, 2012) Enlarge McCallum house

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