Stones River, a Virtual Tour
Stones River National Battlefield
Rosecrans Establishes A New Line

(3-95) Ole Battlefield Tour Stop 6 (Rosecrans Established A New Line, 5 p.m., Dec 31, 1862), north view toward Nashville Pike. When attacking Confederates saw the new Union battle-line drawn along the Nashville Pike and into the Round Forest, they fell back into the cedars. As long as the Federals clung to the Round Forest, the Confederates could not gain victory. Site Marker: Confederate Sweep Stopped By New Union Line, December 31, 1862. 1. General Polk's corps pushed the Federals from the fields two miles south of here and thought the worst was over 2. The Confederates rushed on, plowing to an unexpected halt before the strong resistance of General Sheridan's men. After hours of hard fighting , the Confederates gained this position 3. Surging on, the Confederates beat their way through the thickets to the edge of the woods, where they halted, regrouped and proceeded to charge 4. The charge was stopped short. Through the smoke the Southerners could see the formidable Union line along the Nashville Pike extending into the Round Forest 5. Across this field you see the Round Forest-the stronghold that kept victory just beyond the grasp of the struggling Confederates. The Hazen Brigade Monument is located there. Visit it as you continue your tour

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