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View of the Jackson Road trace as it merges with the crossroads.  The marker designating the battlefield as a national historic landmark can be seen at the far left
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Champion Hill Historical Marker


View of the Jackson Road as it proceeds to Champion Hill, which is located approximately 400 yards to the north of the crossroads in the previous two pictures.  The photograph was taken looking north toward the hill.  The crest would be just around the curve in the background
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Enlarge The crest of Champion Hill looking north.  At the time of the battle, this was the highest point on the battlefield. Free of trees, the crest provided Confederates a commanding view of the entire terrain   Locate on Map


View from the crest of Champion Hill looking north. Although covered with trees now, in 1863 one could see the entire length of the Jackson Road all the way to the Champion home, about 800 yards to the north. Here Lee rested his brigade to counter any Union threat from the north. Later, he would shift his brigade to the west and leave the crest to be occupied by part of Alfred Cumming's brigade of Georgia troops. To help Cumming defend the crest, two guns from the battery near the crossroads were brought up in addition to two guns from the Botetourt Virginia battery that was already there. A salient was now formed in the Confederate lines with one line running northwestward from the crest and the other running south all the way to the Raymond Road. In all, the Confederate line of battle stretched some four miles   Locate on Map

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