Battle of Champion Hill, a Virtual Tour: Surviving Structures and Landmarks


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Enlarge Wartime Road to Midway Station   Enlarge Pre-Civil War cemetery near Midway Station

Roberts family cemetery located on Billy Fields Road, west of the Crossroads


Enlarge The Coker House on SH-467 (wartime Raymond Road)

The Coker House has been rebuilt. See more photos of the original structure and the new one


The Yeiser House (Hiawatha) on SH-467 (wartime Raymond Road)
In late 2005 the Yeiser House was moved from the battlefield to Raymond, MS. Click here to see a March 2007 photo of the old site
Click here to see additional photos of the Yeiser House before its removal

  Jackson Road, north of crest of Champion Hill
800 x 600 view of Jackson Road (March 2007)
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