Grant Moves Inland
March 2003

Grant Moves Inland (March 2001)
The following March 16, 2003 photos courtesy of Bruce Schulze (Webmaster) and Brian Risher. The photos are of sites related to the Confederate withdrawal from Grand Gulf, and Sherman's IV Corps advance from Grand Gulf, west of US-61.  See the March 2001 section for photos of related sites east of US-61.


Wartime Grand Gulf-Ingleside Road approximately 1 mi. east of Grand Gulf. The view is looking northeast. Confederate's forces under Bowen and Loring traveled down this road during their withdrawal from Grand Gulf to Hankinson's Ferry.  Sherman's XV Corps used the same route while moving from Grand Gulf to Willow Springs


View looking southeast down the Grand Gulf-Ingleside Road approximately 3 mi. east of Grand Gulf. The Union and Confederate forces turned left here


View looking northwest from the intersection above

Grand Gulf-Ingleside Road approximately 4 mi. east of Grand Gulf, view looking northeast
Grant Moves Inland (March 2001)

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