Early Images of Fort Washita
There are no known photos of Fort Washita during the Civil War

1. Enlarge South Barracks after partial reconstruction


2. Enlarge South Barracks before completion of exterior reconstruction


3. Enlarge South Barracks during the Colbert Family occupation of the fort. View looking north


4. Enlarge South Barracks in the 1950's


5. Enlarge West Barracks, ca. 1900. View looking west. Photo taken before 1900, date unknown

  6. Enlarge West Barracks, early 1970's. View looking west
7. Enlarge West Barracks, date unknown View looking south    

Photos: 1, 2, 3 & 5, Fort Washita, From Past to Present, An Archeological Report. Oklahoma Historical Society 1975. Photo 4, NPS. Photos 6 & 7, OHS

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