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New York State
Located near the Visitorís Center. The New York State Monument contains the following dedication: Excelsior The State of New York in commemoration of the Services of its officers and soldiers in the Battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862; Record of New York State at Antietam
67 Regiments of Infantry; 5 Regiments of Cavalry; 14 Batteries of Artillery; 2 Regiments of Engineers; New York's losses on this field were 65 officers and 624 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded; 110 officers and 2687 enlisted men wounded and 2 officers and 277 men captured or missing, making a total of 3765

Courtesy of Mick Burkey


Courtesy of Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC

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125th Pennsylvania

Courtesy of Chris Shelton, IN

90th Pa monument south of the cornfield depicting stacked arms and a camp bucket. This is a replica of the original monument which was disassembled and parts of which are stored in the park's curatorial collection


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