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Photos this page courtesy of James Neel, Sulphur Springs, TX

(May 2013) Enlarge In 1910, an Act of Congress returned a long-held trophy of war, where it now stands guard over the cemetery. The "Little Cannon" was originally presented to the Georgia Military Institute by the state of Georgia. Union forces captured the 6-pound field piece near Savannah in 1864


(May 2013) Enlarge   Detail The Marietta Confederate Cemetery is adjacent to the City Cemetery which is interesting in its own right. Unlike most Southern cemeteries of the period, it was not segregated, as evidenced by this Slave Lot. Nearby is the grave of one of the last Daughters who developed the Confederate Cemetery, Mattie Harris Lyon, marked with a unique tributary statue


(May 2013) Enlarge   Detail Scattered throughout there similar benches featuring open books with small items of sculpture such as a forage cap, canteen, women's gloves, etc. One of them tells the story of how Mattie received permission to fly her Confederate flag here


(May 2013) Enlarge Perhaps you can tell about another "mystery marker" I omitted because I could find nothing about the individual resting beneath it. There is nothing about him in the cemetery brochure, and he's in the City, not the Confederate Cemetery proper. A quick look in Warner's Generals in Gray shows NO such general, but decorated as it is with Confederate flags, one would assume it to be "legitimate". Was William Phillips a UCV "general", or maybe a general of Joe Brown's Georgia Militia?

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