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Birchwood, TN

Photos/text courtesy of Paul Stanfield, Ringgold, GA
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1. Tennessee (National Park Service)
2. Joseph and Juda Car Roark Descendants
3. Joseph Roark, His Life and Times Book
4. Roark and Conner family news, events, and happenings.
5. TN Encyclopedia: BLYTHE FERRY

6. Blythe Ferry - Wikipedia
7. Cherokee Removal Memorial Park:
8. Cherokee Removal Memorial Park


(2008) Enlarge Joseph Roark homestead marker, Birchwood Pike, North Chattanooga. Roark 3rd great-uncle of photo contributor, Paul Stanfield


(2008) Enlarge Joseph Roark homestead (circa 1833)


(2008) Enlarge Salem Baptist Church marker


(2008) Salem Baptist Church site


(2008) Enlarge Blythe Ferry marker, SH-60. Scene of skirmishes during Chattanooga Campaign. William Blythe 6th great-grandfather of contributor Paul Stanfield. Blythe traveled west during the Cherokee Indian removal and original owner of ferry before the Civil War


(2008) Enlarge Site of Blythe Ferry, view looking north

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