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Photos/text courtesy of Paul Stanfield, GA
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(2010) Enlarge Partial replica of a Union Block House
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(2010) Enlarge 1864 Military Bridge interpretive marker in Coolidge Park


(2010) Marker in Coolidge Park


(2010) Enlarge Military Bridge site on Tennessee River in Chattanooga, near Ross Landing and Cameron Hill


(January 2012) Enlarge Battery B, Pennsylvania Light Artillery marker. Located on Reflecting Drive at Old Rivermont Golf Course

Marker Reads:
Pennsylvania Light Artillery
Battery B 26th Independent
Barrettt's Division
Reserve Artillery
November 24, 1863
At Daybreak


(January 2012) Enlarge US-27 (Rossville Boulevard), Chattanooga. Major troop route between Rossville Gap and Missionary Ridge. View is looking north toward Missionary Ridge, north of the gap
Marker: Rossville Gap

Iowa Monument, Rossville Gap


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