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Stringer's Ridge

Courtesy of William Cook, Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Paul Stanfield, Ringgold, GA
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1. 1/12/2008 - Section Of Stringer's Ridge Is Little Changed - Breaking News -
2. Tennessee, Help Save Chattanooga's Stringer's Ridge: The Trust for Public Land
3. Stringer's Ridge Marker: Historical Marker Database
4. Tennessee, TPL Will Preserve Stringer's Ridge Property (TN) The Trust for Public Land


(2008) Enlarge Marker that used to be in Boynton Park on Cameron Hill
See Boynton Park

William Cook photo

  (2008) Enlarge Union fort on Stringer's Ridge

William Cook photo
(2008) Enlarge Interior of fort looking toward front

William Cook photo
  (2008) Enlarge Another view of the interior

William Cook photo
(2008) Enlarge View from outside the fort

William Cook photo
  (2008) Enlarge Interpretive marker at Stringer's Ridge, north side of Tennessee River, Chattanooga

William Cook photo
(2008) Enlarge Stringer's Ridge in background

William Cook photo

(Unknown) Enlarge Stringer's Ridge marker on I-24 near Chattanooga

Paul Stanfield photo

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