Fort Donelson National Battlefield
Tour Stop 3 (Log Huts)

Soldiers and slaves built more than 400 log huts as winter quarters for the soldiers garrisoning and working on the fort. In addition to government rations of flour, fresh and cured meat, sugar, and coffee, every boat brought boxes from home filled with all kinds of things a farm or store could provide. Off-duty soldiers from the local area hunted and fished in the same locations they had frequented a few short months before as civilians. Sometime after the surrender, Federals burned the cabins because of a measles outbreak.

(3-95) Southeast view  

ourtesy of Don Worth, Webmaster 48th OVVI


(10-00) Interior of Log Hut
Courtesy of Don Worth


Courtesy of Brian Risher, MS

(5-05) Enlarge
Courtesy of Brian Risher, MS

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