Fort Donelson National Battlefield
Tour Stop 9 (Forge Road)

At daybreak on February 15, Pillow and Johnson's division, along with Col. Nathan B. Forrest's cavalry, attacked Gen. John A. McClernand's troops on the Union right flank in an attempt to secure an escape route. The attack succeeded in briefly opening the Forge Road as an avenue of escape but, due to indecision and confusion among their commanders, the Confederate troops were ordered to return to their entrenchments. The Union soldiers were allowed to reoccupy the area the southerners had fought so hard to control.


(3-95) The view is looking east along Cedar St. toward the intersection with Forge Road. The truck in the background is making a left turn at the intersection


(3-95) Marker for Greene's Battery at the intersection described in previous photo. South view from southwest corner of intersection. Forge Road is at left.

Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson's
Colonel Thomas J. Davidson's Brigade
Greene's Battery

The 2d division of the battery, consisting of three guns, occupied this position astride the old Forge Road. The guns covered the road and the valley to the right and left. The battery was actively engaged in the operations February 12-15, 1862

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