Fort Donelson National Battlefield
Visitor Center

(5-05) Visitor Center
Courtesy of Brian Risher, MS

(10-08) Visitor Center marker
Courtesy of Richard Edling, PA


(3-95) CONFEDERATE DEFENSE IN THE WEST. From the beginning the Southern strategy was defensive. The Confederates had wanted to establish its frontiers on the Ohio River, but Kentucky's neutrality caused complications


(3-95) GUNBOATS open the Tennessee. With the approach of the fleet, the Confederate garrison at Fort Henry withdrew to Donelson, leaving an artillery company to offer a token defense. Foote's squadron opened a terrific bombardment


(3-95) THE FLEET FAILS AT DONELSON. "The fort holds out....The gunboats are driven back"

  (10-08) Enlarge Medal of Honor on display in visitor center
1. Iowa Medal of Honor Heroes: Voltaire P. Twombly
2. Voltaire Twombly, Medal of Honor
Courtesy of Richard Edling, PA

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