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From Cashtown to Gettysburg for Shoes

From Cashtown to Gettysburg for Shoes

Elements of A. P. Hill's Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia arrived in Cashtown from Chambersburg on June 29th. The next morning, ostensibly in search of shoes, Pettigrew's brigade was sent forward toward Gettysburg, but, encountering Buford's Federal Cavalry, Pettigrew pulled back and reported to his division commander, Harry Heth. Heth secured permission from Hill to proceed the following day "to get those shoes." Heth's lead brigade, that of James Archer, encountered Buford's advance pickets along Marsh Creek about 7:30 am and pushed them back toward Gettysburg.





(7-01) The Cashtown Hotel, which was used by Gen. A. P. Hill as his headquarters on July 1, 1863. Built in 1797, the  hotel  was  the first stagecoach stop west of Gettysburg

(7-01) The hotel was featured prominently in one scene of the movie, Gettysburg


(7-01) The hotel is filled with photographs of the actors and filming. Pictured here is actor Sam Elliot

Wartime photo of the hotel

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