Gettysburg Photo Album
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(7-01) Site of the first shot marker along the Chambersburg Pike near Marsh Creek

(7-01) Looking back toward Cashtown on the Chambersburg Pike from the first shot marker. Marsh Creek is at the bottom of the hill. Cavalry Lt. Jones fired his carbine at a Confederate officer who was approaching on the road at the head of a column


(7-01) Lt. (at the time) Jones saw the historical value of firing the first shot in what appeared to be an approaching battle, so he borrowed one of his men's carbines and fired. The monument was erected with his own funds after the war. Marker: Fired by Capt. Jones with Sergt. Shafers carbine Co. E. 8th Ills Cavalry

(7-01) Marker: Erected 1886


(7-01) Marker: By Capt. Jones, Lieut. Riddler & Sergt. Shafer


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