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Lee Hohenstein Photos

Photos courtesy of Lee Hohenstein, Omaha, NE

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(October 2007) Enlarge Monument to Battery K, 1st New York light artillery, on Hancock Ave.


(October 2007) Enlarge Monument to 42nd New York infantry, Tammany Regiment, on Hancock Ave. The bronze sculpture on top depicts an Indian Chief in front of a tepee. The regiment was comprised of mostly soldiers of Irish descent recruited by The Tammany Society which was named for Chief Tammany, a Delaware Indian Chief


(October 2007) Enlarge Ammunition wagons


(October 2007) Enlarge Little Round Top viewed from Crawford Ave. in front of the Wheatfield


(October 2007) Entrance to Evergreen Cemetery


(October 2007) Enlarge Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse (1855) and caretaker's house

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