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Lee Hohenstein Photos

Photos courtesy of Lee Hohenstein, Omaha, NE

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(October 2007) Herr Tavern and Publick House. This tavern building was built in 1815 to serve the traffic headed west on what is now US Route 20. Frederick Herr bought the tavern in 1828 in a bankruptcy. On the night of June 30, 1863 Union General John Buford's cavalry camped on Herr's Ridge. The following morning the Confederates of General Henry Heath pushed Buford's troops back to the outskirts of Gettysburg and overran the tavern. Several rooms became operating rooms and severed limbs were said to have been thrown out a window into a waiting wagon for later burial. (Source:


(October 2007) Enlarge Front of Herr Tavern. Today it serves as a restaurant as well as a B & B

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