Gettysburg: Walter Wells Photos Page14  
(11-07) Cemetery Hill -water tower marks north end of hill

(6-07) Bushman farm. Confederate troops under John Bell Hood moved out from just south of here to engage Union troops on July 2nd, 1863. Hood was wounded in the area by the barn

(6-07) Bushman barn

(7-03) Remains of earthworks built the evening of July 1, 1863 by the 24th MI of the Iron Brigade. The site is located at the west base of Culp's Hill, at Stevens' Knoll

(7-03) (7-03)
(7-03) Iron Brigade monument

24th Regiment
Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Of the 496 Men Who Went Into
Battle On July 1, 1863, 99 Answered
Roll Call Here On the Morning
Of July 2-3, 1863


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