Fort McCulloch
Bryan County Oklahoma

Federal Writers Project book, 1941, University of Oklahoma Press

Nail's Crossing .......1.6 miles, where the Texas Road crossed the Blue River, named for a prominent Choctaw family. The Nail house is still standing--its logs held together firmly by the wooden pegs used in the original construction about 1847. Nearby is a family cemetery that has been well kept through the years. On the south bank of the Blue is the Site of Fort McCulloch, established in 1862 by General Albert Pike and named for Brigadier General McCulloch, who commanded the Confederate forces in Indian Territory the first year of the Civil War. The complicated intrigues that distracted the military command of this region soon brought about Pike's resignation and the abandonment of the fort, but the places where the bastions and redoubts were erected are still plainly visible. Some remnants of a bridge built across the Blue at that time also remain.

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