Fort McCulloch
Bryan County, Oklahoma

Courtesy of Webmaster and Mac Sudduth, Atlanta, GA.
Color photos taken January 19, 2010 & February 14, 2011: Webmaster
B&W photos (c. 1922): Oklahoma Historical Society, courtesy of  Mac Sudduth
Fort McCulloch is on private property
Fort Information from 1941: University of Oklahoma Press
1973 Newspaper Article: Durant Daily Democrat
Sketch of the Fort
Fort McCulloch, September 1926: Chronicles of Oklahoma
Official Records Reports
May 4, 1862
June 9, 1862
June 27, 1862
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(January 19, 2010) Enlarge Interior of a well preserved fortification. One of three or four earthworks at the fort. Any assistance in locating remains of Fort McCulloch would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help contact Webmaster


(January 19, 2010) Enlarge South face
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  (January 19, 2010) Enlarge Southwest corner looking north
(January 19, 2010) Enlarge Southwest corner, looking east   (January 19, 2010) Enlarge Interior: South wall, looking east

(January 19, 2010) Enlarge North wall outer ditch, looking east from northwest corner


(January 19, 2010) Enlarge Northeast corner from outer ditch

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